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BCom Sem 4 MKBU Old Question Paper

BCom Sem 4 MKBU Old Question Paper Business Administration, Business Communication, Indian Economy, Accountancy
BCOM SEM 4 MKBU Old Paper Download
This Website Provides MKBU Question Papers, Notes & Syllabus. Materials and old question papers should be taken into consideration considering the syllabus of MKBU.

BCom Sem 4 MKBU Old Paper Sep 2021

Old Question Papers

Subject :- Business Administration

Business Administration-21129-Apr-May-2018Click Here
Business Administration- 21129-Oct-2018Click Here
Business Administration- 21129-April-2019Click Here
Business Administration- 21129-September-2019Click Here

B.Com Sem 4 

Mkbu Old Question Paper 

Subject :- Business Communication

Business Communication- 3351-Oct-2016Click Here
Business Communication- 21130- April-2018 Click Here
Business Communication- 21130-Oct-2018Click Here
Business Communication- 21130-April-2019Click Here

B.Com Sem 4

Mkbu Old Question Paper

Subject :- Indian Economic

Ind-Eco-3352-Oct-2015Click Here
Ind-Eco-21131-April-2018Click Here
Ind-Eco-21131-October-2018Click Here
Ind-Eco-21131-April-2019Click Here
Ind-Eco-21131- September-2019Click Here

B.Com Sem 4 

Mkbu Old Question Paper

Subject :- Accountancy

Accountancy-21132-Oct-Nov-2018Click Here
Accountancy-21132-April-2019 Click Here
Accountancy-21132-Sep-2019Click Here

Subject : Taxation 

Subject Code : 21133
March/April 2015Click here
Oct/Nov 2015Click here
April/May 2016Click here
April/May 2018Click here
Oct/Nov 2018Click here
March/April 2019Click here
September 2019Click here
November 2020Click here

Marketing Old Paper MKBU

Business Administration BCom Sem 4 Old Question Paper MKBU

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