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Web hosting

Today we will know, what is web hosting? Because if you are thinking about earning money by creating a blog or website online, then you must know about what is web hosting.

Because often new bloggers create their own website or blog, but they do not know which hosting is right for their website, due to which they buy wrong web hosting, and as visitors to the website increase. If so, then problems start coming in their hosting.

Today, in this article, what is the meaning of hosting (Web Hosting Meaning in Hindi), what are the types of it, where should you buy it. If your website is in Hindi then which hosting is best for you, you are going to get all the information in this article.

What is Web Hosting ?

Web hosting is a type of web server, which provides space to the website on the Internet. When you connect your website with hosting, then your website can be viewed through the Internet in any part of the world.

The question must be coming in your mind that how does this web server provide space to your website, then let us tell you that all the images, videos, files etc. data is saved in your website, it would be saved in this web server i.e. hosting. 

The place where all your data resides, that computer is connected to the Internet 24×7, due to which users are able to see your website. Web hosting service is provided by many companies, some of the main ones are – Hostinger, Bluehost, GoDaddy, and Hostagator etc.

How Does Web Hosting Work?

To create any company or our own personal website, we have to upload all its files to web hosting. When your website is connected to the hosting, whenever a user searches your website on an internet browser

Now whether it is Google Chrome, Opera, Mozilla or any other browser, after searching the domain name of your website, the Internet connects the domain of your website to that web server, where all the files of your website are uploaded.

After this all the data comes in front of the user. Now the user can see whatever he wants on your website. When you connect your website with hosting, then for this you need DNS (Domain Name System), which you get from the hosting provider company itself. From this, it is known in which web server your website is kept, because the DNS of each hosting is different.

Types of Web Hosting

Till now you have got a lot of information about web hosting. In which you have also come to know, what is web hosting? But do you know how many types of web hosting are there? Let us tell you that there are mainly four types of web hosting, which include Shared Hosting, VPS (Virtual Private Server) Hosting, Dedicated Hosting, and Cloud Hosting. Let us know about all these hosting in detail –
  • Shared Hosting
  • VPS (Virtual Private Server) Hosting
  • Dedicated Hosting
  • Cloud Hosting

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