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MKBU UG Hostel Admission 2024-25

MKBU UG Boys Hostel Admission 2024-25 | Bhavnagar University Hostel Admission 

MKBU University NameMaharaja Krishnakumarsinhji Bhavnagar University (MKBU)
Post TypeUG Boys Hostel Admission 
Course NameBA, BCOM, BSC
(Only for MJ College, Sir PP College, Samaldas Arts College Students)
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MKBU UG Hostel Admission Date

1SECOND YEARFIRST ROUNDREGISTRATION06/07/2024 11:00 AM11/07/2024 11:59 PM
2THIRD YEARFIRST ROUNDREGISTRATION06/07/2024 11:00 AM11/07/2024 11:59 PM

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Hostel Admission Form Link 
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Disciplinary rules for the students staying in the hostel:

Hostel Notice : 2024-25

  • Students shall immediately take possession of the room and space allotted to them and shall not alter it under any circumstances except with the prior approval of the Rector of the hostel.
  • After taking possession of the room, the students should immediately sign the list of furniture etc. allotted to them and report any damage or loss to the Rector immediately. They will not be able to use appliances like electric fireplace, heater, iron, toaster, kettle etc. in their room and they will not be able to make any kind of changes in the electric wiring provided. If caught doing so, their admission will be canceled immediately.
  • Students should see that their rooms and surroundings are neat and clean in the hostel they are staying in.
  • Furniture cannot be moved or changed by students.
  • The students will be responsible for the damage caused to the hostel building and other things and will have to pay such damages as decided by the Principal/Rector.
  • Students should be as frugal as possible in the use of electricity, turning off lights, fans or other things when not needed.
  • Students should come back to the hostel by 10:00 (ten) pm. For absence after 10:00 (ten) pm, the prior approval of the Rector is required.
  • Students are expected to behave in a way that maintains peace in the hostel. He should see that there is no trouble especially to fellow students and the persons around him and to keep his every behavior disciplined and courteous.
  • No guest can be accommodated in the hostel except with the permission of the Rector of the hostel. Also cannot stay after 09:00 (nine) o'clock at night.
  • If any student is sick, he should immediately inform the Rector of the hostel.
  • No one shall be absent from the hostel except with the prior written permission of the Rector of the hostel.
  • No student will be allowed to stay on summer vacation except during the normal duration of the session.
  • While going on vacation and leaving the hostel, the students should return the furniture etc. given to them by hand to the Rector of the hostel.
  • Every student should keep the identity card issued by the college principal and the hostel rector.
  • The Principal/Rector and the officials of the hostel or the officials authorized by him may visit the hostel room at any time for inspection and the students have to cooperate with them.
  • Students are advised not to keep valuables in the hostel and if they do so, it will be the sole responsibility of the students and they are also advised to open a bank account.
  • Students are advised in their own interest to form a cooperative to run the kitchen.
  • All the students have to follow the instructions given by the rectors/officers from time to time.
  • If any student engages in indiscipline behavior or behaves in a way that adversely affects the communal environment or violates the above mentioned rules or the instructions given by the Rector, he/she shall be liable to the penalty of temporary/permanent expulsion from the hostel and/or the college.
  • The Rector/Principal may modify the above rules to the extent deemed necessary by the local circumstances.
  • Every student should keep his/her room clean and tidy. Cooking is prohibited in the room.
  • Activities such as promoting, collecting funds, holding meetings etc. will not be allowed in the hostel without the permission of the Rector. Students who engage in such activities without permission will be subject to disciplinary action and the Rector's decision in this matter will be final.
  • Students are responsible for keeping their belongings safe. Any kind of claim regarding this will not be valid.
  • If there is any problem regarding the hostel, first contact the Rector/Officer. Only then contact the responsible person.
  • No female guest will be allowed in his room at any time under any circumstances.
  • On completion of examinations or completion of each term, whichever is earlier, the room shall be vacated and the hostel fee shall be paid within the prescribed limits as and when notified by the Rector.
  • Any student admitted to the hostel who engages in ragging or similar misbehavior or indiscipline will have his/her admission canceled with immediate effect. (By order of the Supreme Court)
  • All the above rules will be binding on all the students and under no circumstances these rules can be modified or compromised by the students.

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